Tree24 reusable advent calendar - Acrylic, white balls

Instead of purchasing a new advent calendar for every Christmas season, how about updating to a modern model, that also functions as a reusable design Christmas tree that lasts from one holiday season to another?

Tree24 combines two Christmas time traditions into one product. It is a modern Christmas tree with ornaments - a decorative accessory, which will look good in your home all year round. But it is also a Christmas advent calendar.

Tree24 is suitable for both modern and traditional home. Its numbered tin ornaments open up and provide a place for candy or small gifts of your choice.

Tree24 comes flat packed in a functional gift box, which can be used to store the tree for later use.

Designer Janne Uusi-Autti:
“I wanted to combine two Christmas traditions into one.
Tree24 is a delicate solution that is suitable for modern life."


Tree24 is fit for tabletop use or as floor decoration

Product dimensions: 59x48x48cm, ball diameter 55mm

Materials: laser cut acrylic, metal ornaments

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