Our Story

Poetry in precision

be&liv was established in Helsinki in 2012.
Our aim is to bring the poetry back to everyday life with beautifully engineered
design products. Every detail is thought-through to offer the highest quality
contemporary design.

Be&liv is combining contemporary Scandinavian design with European elegance.
Creating a new European design language mixing the best of both worlds.
We collaborate with the leading European designers like
Ilkka Suppanen, Alberto Meda and up and
coming young designers.

Each object is beautifully packaged to make for the perfect gift.
Flat packages are a sustainable choice for the environment.
Thanks to clever engineering all the items are easy to assemble
without tools or special equipment.


Ilkka Suppanen            Janne Uusi-Autti            Emilia Hönö            Alberto Meda

Blossom Design Story

Sustainable Packaging

Each object is beautifully flat packaged to make the perfect gift.
Flat packages are a sustainable choice for the environment, since they take
less room to store and transport.

The be&liv design philosophy creates an eye catching signature look and enables convenient packaging.  The goal - redefine Scandinavian decor starting from
package to finish and create something entirely new.

Join us on our journey! 




be&liv was granted with the Design from Finland mark.