Bridge Tray by the Honorable Alberto Meda

February 22, 2018

The honorable, awarded Italian designer Alberto Meda has collaborated with be&liv to design the Bridge serving tray.

Bridge serves gently your cheese and your fingerfood.
Natural wood contrasts luxurious metals in contemporary form.
Convenient to store after use due to simple
flat pack structure.”

The design philosophy of Mr Meda is centered around creative engineering due to his background in engineering. His pragmatic mind and attention to detail have resulted in several design classic known worldwide. Having Mr Meda as one of be&liv’s collaborating designers has been a privilege - the Bridge tray is the perfect addition to the expanding be&liv product family and a great representation of the elegant simplicity that the brand and Mr Meda are known for.

We chatted with Mr. Meda about his work and vision and his daily process and craft.

A minute with Mr Meda

What was the driving force or idea behind The Bridge serving tray?

I like the idea of be & liv to make simple objects that do not have the third dimension unless they are in use. It is an idea environmentally friendly, because the material used is minimized as well as its size during storage and shipment. So I thought that a structure like a small tray, made by assembling two metal laser-cut arches with a wooden board, in an interplay between the elasticity of metal and the rigidity of wood, could be in tune with be & liv approach. 

How did your collaboration with be&liv begin?

The collaboration with be & liv took place thanks to the encounter with Ilkka Suppanen in 2016 at the exhibition at Palazzo Litta in Milan. Ilkka was showing his nice be & liv products, I was showing the story of my Physix chair by Vitra.

What tool do you use the most when designing?

When I make a project, first I use my pencil to sketch the idea, then my Mac to dimension it with a 2D program and Solid Works for a three-dimensional representation.

Ideal place to work as a designer?

My workshop is in Milano because I am milanese, for design activity Milano is a source of inspiration because of the rich network of craftsmen, model makers, industries that support design ideas with generous creativity and expertise.

What excites you about design at the moment?

Today’s design is facing new issues related to planet survival with new design tools based on advanced digitalization, Internet, CNC, 3D printing, laser cutting, etc.

How do you see yourself using the Bridge serving tray?

Bridge tray is a ductile tool, it can offer, in a gentle way, two cups of coffee, bring cheeses, chocolates, sweets...

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